More than 1,300 children are treated annually in pilot units. GFAOP donates required anti-cancer drugs to the Sub-Saharan Units. This is the heaviest financial item for the GFAOP since it represents about 160 000 euros per year. Yet it is still essential for some countries. Our wish is to withdraw little by little from drug supply which should be available in the future in each country thanks to the drug inscription on the essential drug list edited by WHO. This action is sponsored by Lalla Salma foundation. Most of drugs are sent through "Aviation Without Borders" organization. Medicines are purchased from Gustave Roussy as we want to be independent from the pharmaceutical industry.
graphic of drug supply per unit
graphical evolution for drug supply
Equipment such as syringes, compresses, pumps or beds are also sent by the GFAOP and its partner BIP Humanitaire.

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