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Why a University Diploma in pediatric oncology ?

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Childhood cancer is a major emerging cause of morbidity and mortality. In developed countries, it is the first cause of death for children. In developing countries, with the decrease in mortality due to infectious and nutritional diseases, cancer is becoming more and more important regarding children's health problems. However childhood cancer management requires a high level of technicality and a good organization of healthcare facilities. Nonetheless, there is no organized training for pediatric oncology yet in Africa. Training in developed countries is costly and sometimes inappropriate to the candidate's practice. The setting up of a University diploma carried out by the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Rabat in partnership with the University Paris South, thus fills this gap and contributes to the development of oncology. This training was largely inspired by the IDPO (Interuniversity Diploma of Pediatric Oncology) organized at the Gustave Roussy Institute and thanks to which numerous African pediatric oncologists have been trained in pediatric oncology.
Since 2014, three student promotions have already been trained, approximately 75 physicians from Maghreb or Sub-Saharan Africa. The third promotion completes his training and will support his dissertation in November 2017. The next promotion will be hosted in September 2018, in order to better accompany the students of the first 3 promotions until the end of their training and their begin in professional life.
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Training description

The University diploma includes a theoretical training, a practical internship of 3 to 6 months and a research work with the presentation of a thesis. The total duration of the training is 12 months and starts in October. The training ends up with a University Diploma also validated by the University Paris Sud. Theoretical training is divided into five three-day modules :

  • Module 1 : Epidemiology and Clinical Research
  • Module 2 : Leukemias and lymphomas
  • Module 3 et 4 : Solid tumors
  • Module 5 : Comprehensive care, support care, consequences and long-term aftercare
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Target audience

This training is open to physicians in North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa and contributes to the development of their pediatric oncology skills. It is aimed for specialized physicians or physicians currently doing their specialization:

  • Pediatrician
  • Hematologist
  • Oncologist
  • Pediatric surgeon
  • Anatomical pathologist
  • Radiotherapist
  • etc...

Course limited to 25 students.

Find here the University diploma courses on the E-Learning platform of the GFAOP.

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