Publications du GFAOP


·    Traoré F,  Couitchere L, Michon J, Hessissen L. Patient management in pediatric oncology during the COVID-19 pandemic: Report from francophone Africa. Letter to the editor. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2020;e28571.


·    Van Heerde J, Zaghloul M, Neven A, de Rojas T, Geel J, Patte C, Balagadde-Kambugu J, Hesseling P, Tchintseme F, Bouffet E, Hessissen L on behalf of SIOP Africa. Pediatric Oncology Clinical Trials and Collaborative Research in Africa: Current Landscape and Future Perspectives. JCO Global Oncol 2020, 6:1264-1275.



·    Atteby JJ Yao, C Moreira, F Traore, S Kaboret, A Pondy, M Rakotomahefa Narison, KM Guedenon, B Mallon, C Patte. Treatment of Wilms Tumor in Sub-Saharan Africa: Results of the Second French African Pediatric Oncology Group Study.  J Global Oncol 2019: sept p1-8. doi/full/10.1200/JGO.18.00204


·    Bouda GC, Traoré F, Couitchere L, Raquin MA, Guedenon KM, Pondy A, Moreira C, Rakotomahefa M, Harif M, Patte C..  Advanced Burkitt Lymphoma in sub-Saharan Africa Pediatric Units.  Results of the third prospective multicenter study of the «Groupe-Franco-Africain d’Oncologie Pédiatrique» (GFAOP). J Glob Oncol. 2019 Nov;5:1-9. doi: 10.1200/JGO.19.00172.


·    Hessissen L, Patte C, Martelli H, Coze C, Howard SC, Kili A, Gagnepain-Lacheteau A, Harif M.

African School of Pediatric Oncology initiative: Implementation of a pediatric oncology diploma

program to address critical workforce shortages in French-speaking Africa”. 

J Glob Oncol. 2019 Oct;5:1-12. doi: 10.1200/JGO.19.00161.


·    E Rifky Khalek, GM Afungchwi, M El Beltagy, N Mariam, H Zaki, T Israels, E Molyneux, SC Howard, C Patte, J Schoeman, E Ladas, M S Zaghloul, Y S ElDeen, S Ahmed, S Kamal, E Bouffet, K Pritchard-Jones and L Hessissen. Highlights from the 13th African Continental Meeting of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP), 6–9 March 2019, Cairo, Egypt . ecancer 2019, 13:932;; DOI:



Abstracts SIOP 2019 à Lyon; Publiés dans Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2019;66(Suppl. 4):e27989.


Presentations orales

– B. Mallon, R. Kabore, L. Couitchere, F.B. Akonde, R.Lukamba, M. Rakotomahefa Narison, A. Dakono, J.G. NyembMbog, M. Khattab. Twelve Countries Present Their Results of a Hospital Based Childhood Cancer Register in French Speaking African. On Behalf of the GFAOP (Groupe Franco-Africain D’Oncologie Pédiatrique) abstract n° CCI07 SIOP19-0882


– M.S. Doucot, C. Thinlot, Z. Hamdoud, C. Patte. Improving Nursing Care in Africa: The GFAOP Nursing Group Experience abstract n° N13 SIOP19-1758



– R. Lukamba, J.J. Yao, T. Kabesha, A. Budiongo, B. Monga, A.Mwembo, P. Bey, G. Chenge, L. Desjardins, O. Luboya, F.Doz, C.D. Stefan. Retinoblastoma in sub-Saharan Africa: Case Studies of the Republic of Côte D’Ivoire and the Democratic Republic of the Congo on Behalf of GFAOP.

abstract n° V458 SIOP19-0638


– R. Lukamba, B. Monga, J.J. Yao, T. Kabesha, A. Budiongo, P.Bey, G. Chenge, J.L. Gini, L. Desjardins, O. Luboya, F. Doz, A. Mwembo.  Knowledge of Retinoblastoma by Healthcare Professionals in sub-Saharan Africa: Survey Performed in Republic of Côte D’Ivoire and the Democratic Republic of Congo. abstract n° V459 SIOP19-1170


– T. Fousseyni, A. fatou binetou, T. boubacar, C. line, M. Harif,  R. heve, E. Christine. Treatment of Childhood Hodgkin Lymphoma in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Report from French-African Pediatric Oncology Group (GFAOP) abstract n° V199 SIOP19-0296


– J. Geel, N. Ranasinghe, A. Davidson, J. Challinor, S. Howard, S. Wollaert, K. Myezo, L. Renner, L. Hessissen, E. Bouffet.  SIOP Maps Paediatric Oncology Services in Africa to Address Inequalities in Childhood Cancer Services. abstract n° V111 SIOP19-0244


Poster viewing

– E. Auberger, B. Lebwaze, C. Traore, I. Abbès, C. Dial, N.S. Randrianjafisamindrakotroka, S. Koui, B. Doukoure, B. Nkegoum, N. Hurwitz, M. Raphaël, A. Coulomb. Impact of second opinion using telepathology to support diagnosis in paediatric oncology in Africa. Abstract n° V073 SIOP19-0755


Publications only

P. Bey, C. Moreira, L. Couitchere, A. Fatou B, C. Bouda, S.Kaboret, J. Rasolofo, R. Lukamba, E.B. Zein, J. Michon. Implementation of Multidisciplinarity in French-African Group of Pediatric Oncology (GFAOP) sub-SaharanTeams: A Process Build by the Teams. abstract n° PO025 SIOP19-0558


– C. Edan, J.J.Y. Atteby, L. Heissessen, C. Moreira, M.S.Doucot, C. Thinlot, F. Aubier, M.L. Viallard, P. Poulain, A. Gagnepain Lacheteau, C. Patte.  Integrating Palliative Care in a Pediatric Oncology Approach. A Project of the Franco-African Group of Pediatric Oncology (GFAOP) Supported by the my Child Matters Program. abstract n° PO212 SIOP19-0437


– L. Hessissen, H. Martelli, M. Elkababri, C. Coze, A. Kili, M.Khattab, O. Oberlin, C. Patte, M. Harif.  Implementation of a Pediatric Oncology Diploma Program to Address Critical Workforce Shortages in French-Speaking Africa. abstract n°PO038 SIOP19-1530



·    Traoré F, Sylla F, Togo B, Kamaté B, Diabaté K, Diakité AA, Diall H, Dicko F, Sylla M, Bey P, Desjardins L, Gagnepain-Lacheteau A, Coze C, Harif M, Doz F.Treatment of retinoblastoma in Sub-Saharan Africa: Experience of the paediatric oncology unit at Gabriel Toure Teaching Hospital and the Institute of African Tropical Ophthalmology, Bamako, Mali. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2018 Aug;65(8):e27101. doi: 10.1002/pbc.27101. Epub 2018 Apr 26.PMID: 29697190


·    Howard SC, Zaidi A, Cao X, Weil O, Bey P, Patte C, Samudio A, Haddad L, Lam CG, Moreira C, Pereira A, Harif M, Hessissen L, Choudhury S, Fu L, Caniza MA, Lecciones J, Traore F, Ribeiro RC, Gagnepain-Lacheteau A. The My Child Matters programme: effect of public-private partnerships on paediatric cancer care in low-income and middle-income countries. Lancet Oncol. 2018 May;19(5):e252-e266. doi: 10.1016/S1470-2045(18)30123-2. Review. PMID: 29726390


·    Sonia Douamba, Fatima Diallo, Kisito Nagalo, Laure Tamini, Lassina Dao, Diarra Yé. Les leucémies aiguës lymphoblastiques de l’enfant à Ouagadougou ( Burkina Faso): résultat de la prise en charge selon le protocole du GFAOP 2005. Pan African medical journal. Janvier 2018 


·    Abstracts de la SIOP 2018 à Kyoto publiés dans Pediatr Blood  Cancer. 2018;65:e27455. 

Présentations orales 

– B. Mallon, R. Kabore, L. Couitchere, R. Lukamba , F.F.Ben Ayed, G. Nyemb Mbog, M. Rakotomahefa Narison, F.F. Akonde, A. Budiongo, M.K. Guedenon, A. Dakono, M.A. Raquin, C. Patte. Setting up a Hospital Based Children and Adolescent Cancer Register in 12 French Speaking African Countries. On Behalf of the GFAOP (Groupe Franco-Africain d’Oncologie Pédiatrique) (abstract PO 548, p S667)  


– C. Edan, S. Calmanti, A. Gagnepain-Lacheteau, M.L. Viallard, J.J. Atteby, L. Hessissen, M.S. Doucot, C. Thinlot, F. AubierC. Patte . « Soi Même Comme Un Autre »…in Africa (abstract PO 296, p S555) 


– L. Hessissen, A. Kili, M. El Kababri, C. Coze, M. Khattab, O. Oberlin, S. Howard, A. Zaidi, A. Gagnepain-Lacheteau, C. Patte, H. Martelli, M. HarifPediatric Oncology Training Diploma for French-Speaking African Countries: A Feasible Model for Addressing Human Resource Challenges in Countries with Limited Resources (abstract PO 541, p S664)



·     Weaver MS, Howard SC, Renner L, Harif M, Lam CG. Assessing National Cancer Control Plan Knowledge, Prioritization, and Engagement Through a Pediatric Oncology Cancer Control Workshop Pediatr Hematol Oncol.2017 Jul;39(5):362-364. doi: 10.1097 


• Weaver MS, Yao AJJ, Renner L, Harif M, Lam CG. Well-directed inclusion of hematology in African national cancer control plans. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2017 Jul;64(7). doi: 10.1002/pbc.26422.  

Epub 2017 Feb 24 


• Parkes J, Hess C, Burger H, Bey P, Davidson A, Bouffet E, Esiashvili N.   Recommendations for the treatment of children with radiotherapy in low- and middle income countries (LMIC): A  position paper from the Pediatric Radiation Oncology Society (PROS-LMIC) and Pediatric Oncology in Developing  Countries (PODC) working groups of the International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP) ». Pediatr Blood Cancer 2017 Déc. ; 64 suppl5


·    Howard SC, Davidson A, Luna-FinemanoHarif M, Metzger ML.  A frame work to develop adapted treatment regimens to manage pediatric cancer in low and middle income countries:  The Pediatric Oncology in Developing countries (PODC) Committee of the International Pediatric Oncology Society (SIOP). Pediatr Blood Cancer 2017 Dec; 64 Suppl 5. doi:10.1002/pbc.26879 


·    M. HarifL. Hessissen. L’oncologie pédiatrique africaine en marche. Rapport du douzième congrès continental de la Société internationale d’oncologie pédiatrique, Marrakech 2017. Revue d’oncologie hématologie pédiatrique 2017, 5: 147-149 


·    P Bey, A Mouelle-Soné. La radiothérapie dans le traitement des cancers : hier, aujourd’hui et demain. Carcinologie clinique en Afrique 2017;16 :31-40 



·     Pediatric Cancer in Africa A Case-Based Guide to Diagnosis and Management. 

 Edited by Daniela Cristina Stefan; Mhamed  Harif,  10/2016;  Springer., ISBN: 978-3-319-17935-3 


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Non référencé dans PubMed

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