SIOP 2019, en France à Lyon

20 octobre 2019

Abstracts :


Présentations orales :

  • B. Mallon, R. Kabore, L. Couitchere, F.B. Akonde, R.Lukamba, M. Rakotomahefa Narison, A. Dakono, J.G. NyembMbog, M. Khattab. Twelve Countries Present Their Results of a Hospital Based Childhood Cancer Register in French Speaking African. On Behalf of the GFAOP (Groupe Franco-Africain D’Oncologie Pédiatrique). abstract n° CCI07 SIOP19-0882
  • M.S. Doucot, C. Thinlot, Z. Hamdoud, C. Patte. Improving Nursing Care in Africa: The GFAOP Nursing Group Experience. abstract n° N13 SIOP19-1758


Posters :

  • R. Lukamba, J.J. Yao, T. Kabesha, A. Budiongo, B. Monga, A.Mwembo, P. Bey, G. Chenge, L. Desjardins, O. Luboya, F.Doz, C.D. Stefan. Retinoblastoma in sub-Saharan Africa: Case Studies of the Republic of Côte D’Ivoire and the Democratic Republic of the Congo on Behalf of GFAOP. abstract n° V458 SIOP19-0638
  • R. Lukamba, B. Monga, J.J. Yao, T. Kabesha, A. Budiongo, P.Bey, G. Chenge, J.L. Gini, L. Desjardins, O. Luboya, F. Doz, A. Mwembo. Knowledge of Retinoblastoma by Healthcare Professionals in sub-Saharan Africa: Survey Performed in Republic of Côte D’Ivoire and the Democratic Republic of Congo. abstract n° V459 SIOP19-1170
  • T. Fousseyni, A. fatou binetou, T. boubacar, C. line, M. Harif,  R. heve, E. Christine. Treatment of Childhood Hodgkin Lymphoma in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Report from French-African Pediatric Oncology Group (GFAOP). abstract n° V199 SIOP19-0296
  • J. Geel, N. Ranasinghe, A. Davidson, J. Challinor, S. Howard, S. Wollaert, K. Myezo, L. Renner, L. Hessissen, E. Bouffet.  SIOP Maps Paediatric Oncology Services in Africa to Address Inequalities in Childhood Cancer Services. abstract n° V111 SIOP19-0244


Poster viewing :

  • E. Auberger, B. Lebwaze, C. Traore, I. Abbès, C. Dial, N.S. Randrianjafisamindrakotroka, S. Koui, B. Doukoure, B. Nkegoum, N. Hurwitz, M. Raphaël, A. Coulomb. Impact of second opinion using telepathology to support diagnosis in paediatric oncology in Africa. Abstract n° V073 SIOP19-0755 


Publications :

  • P. Bey, C. Moreira, L. Couitchere, A. Fatou B, C. Bouda, S.Kaboret, J. Rasolofo, R. Lukamba, E.B. Zein, J. Michon. Implementation of Multidisciplinarity in French-African Group of Pediatric Oncology (GFAOP) sub-SaharanTeams: A Process Build by the Teams. abstract n° PO025 SIOP19-0558
  • C. Edan, J.J.Y. Atteby, L. Heissessen, C. Moreira, M.S.Doucot, C. Thinlot, F. Aubier, M.L. Viallard, P. Poulain, A. Gagnepain Lacheteau, C. Patte.  Integrating Palliative Care in a Pediatric Oncology Approach. A Project of the Franco-African Group of Pediatric Oncology (GFAOP) Supported by the my Child Matters Program. abstract n° PO212 SIOP19-0437
  • L. Hessissen, H. Martelli, M. Elkababri, C. Coze, A. Kili, M.Khattab, O. Oberlin, C. Patte, M. Harif.  Implementation of a Pediatric Oncology Diploma Program to Address Critical Workforce Shortages in French-Speaking Africa. abstract n°PO038 SIOP19-1530