SIOP 2020, une édition virtuelle

12 octobre 2020

Abstracts :

  • Reference: Abstracts from the 52th Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) Virtual Congress ; October 14-17, 2020. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2020 Dec;67 Suppl 4:e28742 ; PMID : 33049088 ; DOI : 10.1002/pbc.28742. 


Posters :

  • n° 0749 / #1223. Retinoblastoma in Sub-Saharan Africa: A 2019-2028 Program to improve Early Diagnosis and Survival Rate. T.Fousseyni, S.Fatoumata, A.Karim, B.Pierre, D.Laurence. p S336
  • n° 0782 / #1301. African School of Pediatric Oncology Initiative: Using Mobile Apps to Improve Access to Training. L.Hessissen, C.Patte, M.Harif . p S350
  • n° 0800 / #1333. Development and Implementation of Early Diagnosis Tools for Five Childhood Cancers in Sub- Saharan Africa. A Joint Program of GFAOP and Jean Lemerle Institute. M.N.Diouf, F.B.DiagneAkonde, F.L.Dieye, R.Lukamba, S.Barsaoui, T.Fousseyni, C.Moreira, H.Poma, P.A.Ndoye Roth. pS358
  • n° 0926 / #416. Role of the Partnership in the Adequate Management of an Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (APL) in a Child in a Country With Limited Resources, Guinea. P Diallo, A.Barry, M.Diop, R.Horchani, M.Cherif, P.Beimy. p S414
  • n° 1068 / #1316. African School of Pediatric Oncology Initiative: Survey Among Trained Healthcare Providers. L.Hessissen, C.Patte, H.Martelli, C.Coze, M.Harif. p S470